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State of Site5: November 2013


Hello Everyone!

We’re in the penultimate month of the year, and I must say it has been a very productive year. We have gotten a lot done, including key internal projects, new products & services, and several operational improvements, all geared towards providing an awesome web hosting experience to our customers!

Here is a summary of some of the key things that we have been working on in the past month:

  • Our new billing system is almost ready, and we have started beta testing it internally with our staff members! There is still a long way to go of course before it replaces our existing systems.
  • As announced previously, we’re opening up our phone support to eventual 24×7 coverage. We’re looking for awesome customer support specialists to join our team – job vacancies are available for both phone support and email based support positions.
  • We had rolled out a Favorites section in SiteAdmin that allows customers to quickly and easily access the pages that they use most often. Judging by feedback so far, the feature has been very well received by customers!
  • We recently added goMobi’s mobile website building solution as an add-on to our services. If you don’t have a mobile website, we would recommend that you check it out as goMobi is the world’s leading mobile website building solution, allowing you to quickly have a mobile-optimized website.
  • Our Technology team has been evaluating the Cloudflare cPanel plugin, and this will be launched soon on our fleet in a phased manner.
  • We are testing cPanel 11.38 so that we can roll that out across our fleet before cPanel 11.36 reaches end of life in January 2014.
  • We launched a redesigned website. We hope you like the new look of our website!
  • We’re rolling out Apache/PHP updates, and this time the process is entirely RPM based (using packages we built inhouse!). As a result, the upgrades should be quicker and less resource intensive. Some of the changes with this upgrade include support for PHP 5.4, with PHP 5.3 replacing 5.2 as the default PHP handler, PHP served via FastCGI, plus some tweaks for better performance!
  • Once the Apache/PHP updates have finished, we will start the process of updating all of our servers to a newer version of Phusion Passenger (4.0 branch), as announced recently. This will most likely happen sometime in December, although we don’t have any official ETA yet. We will keep you updated of course!

That is all for now. The holiday season isn’t very far away, so I’ll leave you with this opportunity to add $100 to your holiday shopping budget :)

See you in the comments. Thanks!


  • Redesign is beautiful!

    Keep up the great work Site5 Team.

    Any eta on PHP 5.3 going default?

    • The Apache/PHP updates should complete sometime in December, and with it PHP 5.3 will replace 5.2 as the default PHP handler.

      • Thanks Arun! :)