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Stop SOPA Website Blackout


Many of you read my previous post about SOPA, The Stop Online Piracy Act, and how it poses a real threat to future freedom and innovation on the Internet. Websites built around user-generated content, like Twitter or Reddit, simply could not exist if SOPA was law. In order to increase awareness about the dangers of SOPA, many websites will be staging “blackouts” to show their opposition to SOPA and educating their visitors on this misguided legislation.

Site5 will be staging a blackout of our website on the 18th and 23rd of January and if you operate a website we encourage you to do the same! If you are using WordPress there is a plugin that we are hosting which will allow you to easily display a message about SOPA to your visitors and customize the dates it will be shown. You can view a preview of that message and the plugin can be downloaded directly from the WordPress website below:


  • Is there a time frame you are doing this? Ie. 12am to 11:59pm est? Would like to be in sync with everyone else who might be doing this for the biggest bang for the buck.

    • The WordPress plugin is set up by default to go into action all day Jan. 18 and all day Jan. 23 (based on the time settings of your Web server, not your WordPress time settings). You can change the dates in the options area if desired.

    • FYI, the latest version of the plugin (released this afternoon) now uses WordPress time settings instead of your server’s time settings.

  • Yep for sure, just check this out:

    Site5 will be joining in for the day of the 18th, and 23rd.

  • Hope you don’t mind but this is about to get tweeted to the masses…

    • Yep the plugin should go to as many sites as possible, we are emailing as many organizations as possible too to try to help it spread.

      thanks, Ben

  • I wish the free WordPress.COM offered this. I’d use it on the 18th.

    • I emailed Matt and some of the crew at WordPress a few days ago, maybe they can do something similar and offer it to their users.

      Sopa was hurt this morning, shelved but not dead. We still need to kill it, plus get PIPA which is the equivalent in the Senate killed.
      thanks, Ben

  • i am glad that site5 is fighting against SOPA. I already migrated all my domains out from godaddy and wanted to check if I need to migrate my sites out from site5 as well. Fortunately, site5 is not as dumb as godaddy. So I will join in the blackout as well. Though I am not from US.

  • I’m so proud that my web host supports saving the internet. No need to migrate for me!

  • So how does one in the UK take part in this? is it just for USA people/businesses? i think it has wider consequenses but am unsure if i should, being located in the UK….

    • This has wider consequences given the USA’s role in the net, I recommend emailing the State Department and complaining.

  • All my clients and even my own site will be doing this, I’ve already got my redirection set up :) SAVE THE INTERNET!

    • Awesome, thanks Matthew!

  • There is a great post explaining why SOPA/PIPA are so bad here:

    The key being:
    5. Copyright holders already have the power to take down offending material. One big question about the bills is what problem they actually solve. Copyright holders such as the the record and movie industries currently have the legal authority to force sites to remove infringing material under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s notice-and-takedown procedures. Now, the content industry says that it doesn’t have nearly enough weapons — every time it cracks down on a pirate site, five more appear in its place. But, if anything, there’s a case that the content industry currently has too much power. The Justice Department has often proven over-aggressive in taking down domain names — read, for instance, the gory details of the Justice Department’s botched attack on, a music blog that was taken down for a year after being falsely accused of infringement.

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  • I’ll leave the net if it happening :)

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  • i am glad that site5 is fighting against SOPA.

  • Hey People now we have to fight against ACTA. The worldwide Network Avaaz has launched a Petition to Stop the ACTA-Law. The Petition has now over two Million subscribers. Feel free to subscribe to on

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