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  • The most frustrating part of a support ticket is when I receive a reply via email, there is no history trail (comments, questions or problem) about the issue – it would be great if that trail could be included.

    • Hi Karen,

      Yep we don’t include that in the email since it would be so long in many cases and impossible to digest, but that is available in Backstage in detail. Would you like a direct link to that big thread from the email so you can view it in entirety?

  • I have been blown away by Site5. They have changed the paradigm in shared web hosting. I had two sites on different servers both of which were experiencing server side errors. Site5 managed the site migrations and I only lost a little bit of programming on one site in the change over. Both very different server side issues were immediately resolved without having to do any problem solving.

    I am so happy with the service I am now going to sign up another plan in a different location…no doubt it will solve another few server issues I have with these sites.

    Thanks Site5

  • Didn’t appreciate how fast site5 was until doing some editing of a group wp site on another hosting co. that is painfully slow even with modifications. I wondered if it was just this particular site so I googled some comparisons and yes site5 is several times faster. There is also greater access with site5.
    I was in Brasil recently and checked out the times, Rio to Joao Passoa, it’s not bad given the available infrastructure, the country is still developing. if you do speedtests from the US, Florianopolis comes out on top, perhaps not enough reach into the rest of the country though, hope that
    site5 stays involved there as it only should get better with time.

  • I’ve submitted the survey twice … does that help?
    I’ve also submitted the survey to draw attention to my plight.
    I would pay someone now to help me with this migration that is in day 4 – some sites migrated, some not.
    Long time customer, was very happy with existing setup, never a problem.
    Now I’m in migration-limbo and seriously lost and confused.
    Keep the $100, help me get back up.

    • Hi Anthony,

      I’m sorry to hear that, we have live chat, email, and ticket support available 24/7. Did you contact them for some help? You can also ask on any of those mediums for a manager if you are not happy, plus there is a real time rating button on all tickets and if rated negatively that flags it for a manager / high level review.

      On the contact page we also have an email for our CEO/COO which is and we are happy to help and look into any failure to do something correctly.

      Plus business hour phone support, and later this year we will be going 24/7 on it as well,
      Thanks, Ben

      • Hi Ben,

        Yes I have contacted all of the above, most helpful was Scott via phone support – thank you!
        This has been a learning experience and have nothing negative to say about quality of services, where things went sideways is getting different information via different channels (live chat vs ticket system).
        This does happen with everyone meaning well, but challenge is when one is flailing for answers after a few days, people tend to panic.
        All said, things are moving forward and thank you for your response.


        • Thanks Anthony, I’m glad to here all is good and please let u know details on that as signals shouldn’t get crossed :), can you explain a bit more and email me at