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Australian Web Hosting

Local Hosting Available for Australians!

Australia Web Hosting

Shared hosting, reseller hosting and virtual server hosting plans can all be setup to use our Sydney server location. What does this mean for you?

If you are located in Australia, your local website visitors will have a shorter path to go to get to your blogs, forums or anything else you host. Australian business or websites that serve a specific Australian audience need hosting that is local. By choosing a server located on the same continent you can guarantee Australians are going to get a quicker path to your content. If you are a reseller, then you might need our reseller hosting plans. If you are just looking for a close server to host your own personal network of websites, try our shared hosting plans. If you are in need of more power and performance from your hosting in Australia, the VPS hosting plan is the answer.

Australian Web Hosting Locations

Australian Hosting Uptime & Performance

Uptime is a major concern with any hosting plan you purchase. Site5 guarantees your uptime and your personal satisfaction with your hosting purchase. The money back guarantee and uptime guarantee are there to insure you that even if they worst might happen; we will make sure you are taken care of. However, if you browse through our client hosting reviews, you will see that we have a massive number of clients that are ecstatic about our hosting plans. Being able to host your website from an Australian server is just icing on the cake.

Check the Connection to Site5's Australian Servers

Need to see how fast of a connection you will get to our Australian hosting servers? Site5 not only provides you with a test file that you can download but also an IP address that you can ping or run a traceroute to. Check out the server speed tests here:


Hosting Plans Available in Australia

Site5 offers a tremendous number of hosting plan types and options so that you can get the Australian based hosting that is best suited for your hosting needs. The shared Australian hosting we provide is great for starting your first website, or managing a network of websites that you can control from a single location. Reseller hosting comes with such perks as private nameservers, premium billing software, and the ability to resell an unlimited number of accounts. Virtual server hosting is the powerhouse of the group, give you a definite boost in server resources, making sure that even the busiest scripts stay up and running, no matter how popular they are.

Our Australian location gives you a chance to get some pretty excellent hosting plans in a location that is a lot closer to you. Not only will this help boost your own productivity, but it a boost in speed your website visitors will enjoy too.