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Support / Uptime Reports

Although we're very trustworthy people, we feel obligated to provide our customers with completely impartial and untainted server uptime reports. These statistics come directly from our Apache monitoring system.


Monitoring Interval: One Minute     Service Monitored: HTTP (Port 80)

Server Name Statistics Server Name Statistics
albany Statistics aphro Statistics
arden Statistics bacon Statistics
bancroft Statistics barkwith Statistics
barnum Statistics bedford Statistics
bennington Statistics bissel Statistics
blackhawk Statistics bochetti Statistics
boston Statistics bracey Statistics
brickyard Statistics bs1-amsterdam Statistics
bs1-dallas Statistics bs1-singapore Statistics
bs10-dallas Statistics bs11-dallas Statistics
bs12-dallas Statistics bs13-dallas Statistics
bs14-dallas Statistics bs15-dallas Statistics
bs16-dallas Statistics bs17-dallas Statistics
bs18-dallas Statistics bs19-dallas Statistics
bs2-amsterdam Statistics bs2-dallas Statistics
bs2-singapore Statistics bs20-dallas Statistics
bs21-dallas Statistics bs22-dallas Statistics
bs23-dallas Statistics bs24-dallas Statistics
bs25-dallas Statistics bs26-dallas Statistics
bs27-dallas Statistics bs3-amsterdam Statistics
bs3-dallas Statistics bs4-dallas Statistics
bs5-dallas Statistics bs6-dallas Statistics
bs7-dallas Statistics bs8-dallas Statistics
bs9-dallas Statistics bse-dallas Statistics
cape Statistics capslock Statistics
casaloma Statistics causton Statistics
clippers Statistics cn Statistics
corbyn Statistics cr1-amsterdam Statistics
cr1-dallas Statistics cr2-amsterdam Statistics
cr2-dallas Statistics cr3-dallas Statistics
cr4-dallas Statistics cr5-dallas Statistics
cr6-dallas Statistics cr7-dallas Statistics
cr8-dallas Statistics cs1-amsterdam Statistics
cs1-dallas Statistics cs10-dallas Statistics
cs12-dallas Statistics cs13-dallas Statistics
cs14-dallas Statistics cs15-dallas Statistics
cs16-dallas Statistics cs2-amsterdam Statistics
cs2-dallas Statistics cs3-dallas Statistics
cs4-dallas Statistics cs5-dallas Statistics
cs6-dallas Statistics cs7-dallas Statistics
cs8-dallas Statistics cs9-dallas Statistics
dewey Statistics dunham Statistics
enlink Statistics everdon Statistics
fenway Statistics flarhgunnstow Statistics
gissons Statistics grange Statistics
grooms Statistics harriet Statistics
hartley Statistics holbrook Statistics
huckleberry Statistics huron Statistics
jin Statistics judith Statistics
kenley Statistics kenny Statistics
knabner Statistics kwyjibo Statistics
lakers Statistics leeke Statistics
linnel Statistics longhouse Statistics
malta Statistics mayfield Statistics
merton Statistics michigan Statistics
moe Statistics pittston Statistics
r1-amsterdam Statistics r1-atlanta Statistics
r1-brazil Statistics r1-bucharest Statistics
r1-chicago Statistics r1-dallas Statistics
r1-hongkong Statistics r1-lax Statistics
r1-miami Statistics r1-montreal Statistics
r1-nyc Statistics r1-paris Statistics
r1-phoenix Statistics r1-sanjose Statistics
r1-saopaulo Statistics r1-seattle Statistics
r1-singapore Statistics r10-dallas Statistics
r10-sydney Statistics r11-dallas Statistics
r11-sydney Statistics r12-dallas Statistics
r13-dallas Statistics r2-amsterdam Statistics
r2-atlanta Statistics r2-brazil Statistics
r2-chicago Statistics r2-dallas Statistics
r2-dc Statistics r2-lax Statistics
r2-miami Statistics r2-nyc Statistics
r2-phoenix Statistics r2-sanjose Statistics
r2-saopaulo Statistics r2-seattle Statistics
r2-singapore Statistics r2-toronto Statistics
r3-amsterdam Statistics r3-chicago Statistics
r3-dc Statistics r3-miami Statistics
r3-montreal Statistics r3-nyc Statistics
r3-singapore Statistics r4-amsterdam Statistics
r4-chicago Statistics r4-dallas Statistics
r4-dc Statistics r4-montreal Statistics
r4-nyc Statistics r4-singapore Statistics
r4-toronto Statistics r5-amsterdam Statistics
r5-chicago Statistics r5-dallas Statistics
r5-singapore Statistics r5-toronto Statistics
r5-vancouver Statistics r6-chicago Statistics
r6-dallas Statistics r6-london Statistics
r6-singapore Statistics r6-sydney Statistics
r6-vancouver Statistics r7-amsterdam Statistics
r7-chicago Statistics r7-london Statistics
r7-singapore Statistics r7-sydney Statistics
r7-vancouver Statistics r8-amsterdam Statistics
r8-chicago Statistics r8-london Statistics
r8-sydney Statistics r9-dallas Statistics
r9-london Statistics r9-sydney Statistics
rd1-dallas Statistics rowen Statistics
s1-amsterdam Statistics s1-atlanta Statistics
s1-brazil Statistics s1-bucharest Statistics
s1-chicago Statistics s1-dallas Statistics
s1-dc Statistics s1-hongkong Statistics
s1-lax Statistics s1-miami Statistics
s1-montreal Statistics s1-nyc Statistics
s1-paris Statistics s1-phoenix Statistics
s1-sanjose Statistics s1-saopaulo Statistics
s1-seattle Statistics s1-singapore Statistics
s1-toronto Statistics s10-chicago Statistics
s10-dallas Statistics s10-london Statistics
s10-sydney Statistics s10-vancouver Statistics
s11-amsterdam Statistics s11-chicago Statistics
s11-dallas Statistics s11-london Statistics
s12-chicago Statistics s12-dallas Statistics
s13-chicago Statistics s13-dallas Statistics
s14-chicago Statistics s14-dallas Statistics
s15-dallas Statistics s16-dallas Statistics
s17-dallas Statistics s18-dallas Statistics
s19-dallas Statistics s2-amsterdam Statistics
s2-atlanta Statistics s2-brazil Statistics
s2-bucharest Statistics s2-chicago Statistics
s2-dallas Statistics s2-hongkong Statistics
s2-lax Statistics s2-miami Statistics
s2-nyc Statistics s2-paris Statistics
s2-phoenix Statistics s2-sanjose Statistics
s2-saopaulo Statistics s2-seattle Statistics
s2-singapore Statistics s21-dallas Statistics
s3-amsterdam Statistics s3-atlanta Statistics
s3-bucharest Statistics s3-chicago Statistics
s3-dallas Statistics s3-dc Statistics
s3-lax Statistics s3-miami Statistics
s3-montreal Statistics s3-nyc Statistics
s3-sanjose Statistics s3-seattle Statistics
s3-singapore Statistics s4-amsterdam Statistics
s4-chicago Statistics s4-dallas Statistics
s4-dc Statistics s4-lax Statistics
s4-miami Statistics s4-montreal Statistics
s4-nyc Statistics s4-sanjose Statistics
s4-singapore Statistics s4-vancouver Statistics
s5-amsterdam Statistics s5-chicago Statistics
s5-dallas Statistics s5-dc Statistics
s5-lax Statistics s5-miami Statistics
s5-montreal Statistics s5-nyc Statistics
s5-singapore Statistics s5-sydney Statistics
s6-chicago Statistics s6-dallas Statistics
s6-dc Statistics s6-lax Statistics
s6-nyc Statistics s6-singapore Statistics
s6-sydney Statistics s6-toronto Statistics
s6-vancouver Statistics s7-amsterdam Statistics
s7-chicago Statistics s7-dallas Statistics
s7-london Statistics s7-nyc Statistics
s7-singapore Statistics s7-sydney Statistics
s7-toronto Statistics s7-vancouver Statistics
s8-chicago Statistics s8-dallas Statistics
s8-london Statistics s8-nyc Statistics
s8-sydney Statistics s8-toronto Statistics
s8-vancouver Statistics s9-chicago Statistics
s9-dallas Statistics s9-london Statistics
s9-singapore Statistics s9-sydney Statistics
s9-toronto Statistics s9-vancouver Statistics
saratoga Statistics sawyer Statistics
sd1-dallas Statistics sd2-dallas Statistics
seahawk Statistics sebert Statistics
spooner Statistics stan Statistics
steade Statistics stormont Statistics
supersonic Statistics swain Statistics
thoroughbred Statistics thorpe Statistics
tilde Statistics walter Statistics
webster Statistics wedmore Statistics
whitesox Statistics xanadu Statistics
zemni Statistics zyzzyva Statistics

Caveats and Possible Discrepancies

  • Scheduled Maintenance and Upgrades - These statistics do not account for scheduled maintenance outages. Every host needs to do maintenance to keep their fleet up to date, secure and running smoothly. Although we do this work during off-peak hours (at night), it still counts as "downtime" in the eyes of this monitoring service.
  • Webserver-only Monitoring - Only the webserver (Apache, port 80) is monitored. If the webserver is down but other services (Email, FTP, MySQL) are up, the entire server reports down.
  • Sampling Error - The reported uptime may vary slightly from the server's actual uptime, as the monitoring interval is set at 1 minute.  For instance, if a server goes down right before a service check, and then we reboot it and it's back online within 30 seconds, the monitor will catch it on the next check (which is in 1 minute) and estimate a 1 minute downtime when in reality there was only 30 seconds of downtime.
  • Calculations - These percentages are calculated based upon the entire reporting period; not just the timeframe that has passed. We're always looking at the full month or year as opposed to the month-to-date or year-to-date amounts.

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